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Rodney Beckford is one of the worst comedians you’ve never heard of. Since his escape onto the Brighton comedy open mic circuit he’s appeared in four pub function rooms, two basements and a gazebo in a local park, where he had to be wrestled from the stage by a sugared up bunch of hyperactive 5 year olds.

His past successes have included, collecting 24 tokens from the back of Frosties cereal boxes to get a pair of Tony the Tiger sunglasses. He won a pair of Hulk fists in a Cancer Research charity shop raffle, that say “Hulk Smash” when you bash them against anything. He’s the proud owner of most of the Brownies swimming badges, apart from the ones that involve swimming in your pyjamas to retrieve that rubber brick. He also raised £7.25 on a sponsored 5K run for charity that he didn't run, but shouted encouragement to the participants and after a bit of legal wrangling, eventually got to keep the hi-vis vest they claimed they'd “…loaned him” but in an out of court settlement he ended up paying £7.25 for.

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This is the only bit that should be taken seriously

A self-effacing funny story telling improviser, with a hint of the surreal thrown in for good measure. A quick wit with a mischievous streak running through everything he says and does. His material doesn’t go over your head as much as it smacks you in the face. Family friendly it’s not, but it isn’t rocket science either. Rodney is also an experienced comedy writer, director, serious film maker and an accomplished event and studio photographer.

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Other Comedians

other comedians have said...

"Sorry never heard of him."

“He’s just the right side of stupid.”

 "...oh that guy’s an idiot.”

"Sometimes saying nothing tells you all you need to know" 


“…a fungal nail infection is funnier”

“He doesn’t even do any dick, fart or arse jokes, considering he's got a PHD in all three.”

“He’s no quantum physicist.”

“He will get funnier… eventually... just not in my lifetime.”

"I literally don't know who that is." 

“…if you want me to say something good about him, you’re gonna have to pay me a lot more than that.”

"...I'd rather be in a train wreck than have to watch what ever it was he was doing"

"... most of these comedians were drunk or on their way to being drunk and thought they were being asked about

Piers Morgan" 

Rodney Beckford



He'll consider hosting shows, MC work, is a great podcast guest, corporate host, will do weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, commercials, TV work and almost anything if he gets to tit around and be funny. But be warned his rider includes black grape pop, a fresh fruit bowl and a jumbo box of Toblerone like the ones you get at the airport. Basically, the guy’s always available, he’s more available than Kevin Spacey... just not as handsy.   


Rodney Beckford is managed by 

Rodney Beckford Management

Brighton & Hove

United Kingdom

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