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What He's Done

With live performance sets of 5,10,15 and 20 minutes, 99% without profanity. Dealing with such wide and diverse subjects like cats and dogs, dating and "mansplaining." To more personal story telling and his unique view on events, people and the world at large. Rodney is a flexible, versatile and instinctive comedian able to host, MC and collaborate in order to bring the funny.

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With numerous live performances under his belt within the Brighton open mic circuit.He's performed 20 minutes in front of 100 people including performances at the Good Vibration Festival, Mr Cheeky's, Bunch of Fives, Giggle Gaggle, Artista, The Round George, The Ruby, Electric Arcade, The Sussex Hotel, BCOM, The Branding Needs Work, London's The Rising Star, and Ealing's Comedy Cat. With a fundamental understanding of stand up, strongly defined attitude and a persona that works, he will only continue to get stronger.

Special Skills

Not only is he a funny guy despite what it may say here, he's an experienced writer with a number of screen plays, TV and pilot scripts to his name. He's also an accomplished and highly skilled studio and live event photographer, as well as having worked in live events and broadcast television for more than 20 years. So I guess he knows a thing or two when it comes to being funny on screen. 

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